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NPHS Teacher Named High School Teacher of the Year


The North Penn School District would like to congratulate North Penn High School technology education teacher Michael Voicheck for being named the High School Teacher of the Year by the Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania (TEEAP). Voicheck will receive his award during a banquet at the November TEEAP Conference. More information about this award will be available then.


NPSD School Nutrition Services Celebrates Outstanding Employee Achievements


The NPSD School Nutrition Services (SNS) Department opened the 2011-2012 school year by celebrating outstanding employee achievements. Awards were presented for Years of Service and Perfect Attendance. The following employees received awards:


25 Years of Service

Carol Antonowski- Montgomery

Linda Roberts- District-Wide Substitute


20 Years of Service

Robin Kellerman - Walton Farm

Rhonda Hinkle - Nash

Yolanda Herman - Pennfield

Donna Smith - North Penn HS


15 Years of Service

Hazel Mengel - Bridle Path

Donna Till -Penndale

Leigh Michener - Nash


Perfect Attendance Awards

Lisa Adams - Penndale

Beverly Alcaro - North Wales

Frances Chiefalo - North Penn HS

Frances Chunko -Pennfield

Anita David - Bridle Path

Trish DiGideo - North Wales

Patricia Gerges - North Penn HS

Jennifer Hoffman - York

Helen Lund - Pennfield

Linda Marano - Penndale

Lillian Morgan - North Penn HS

Peggy Parsons - Penndale

Michelle Seifert - Gwyn-Nor



10 Years of Service

Helen Carpenter - York

Mary Jane Friel - York

Dina Ashton - Hatfield

Sally Dunn - Pennbrook

Kathleen Perry - North Penn HS

Carol Livingston - Gwynedd Square

Peggy Parsons -Penndale

Andrea Stewart - ESC

Lisa Smolinsky - ESC


5 Years of Service

LaJune Walker - North Penn HS

Karen Davidson - Penndale

Stacey Hagan - Montgomery

Jennifer Jaslar - Kulp

Robert Turley - North Penn HS

Kelly Elecko - Oak Park

Dottie Loomis - North Penn HS

Betty Rickert - Penndale

Ruth Underland - Knapp

Diana Westcott - Oak Park

Sofia Bolks - North Penn HS

Margo Foltz - Pennbrook

Tracey Norbeck - North Penn HS

Judy Fogarty - Montgomery

Brenda Diehl - Kulp



October 3, 2011

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